School's Open

September 4.  With 47 students eyeing our spic-and-span building with freshly waxed and polished floors,  new science lab,  redecorated STEM Center and the ever present Hogwart English Center NBCS begins its 49th school year educating and developing the character of Newark's finest young people.  The centerpiece of the changes in our building is the new wall-mural in the cafeteria.

In addition to the many physical changes at the school, NBCS can boast about receiving accreditation from both the New Jersey Association of Independent School and the Middle States Association of Schools. This honor places the Newark Boys Chorus School among the elite educational programs in New Jersey.

Opening Day Photos

Class of 2017 (8 of 14).jpg

STEM Center Bulletin Boards

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Mr. Binger explains social demonstrations to students

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Ms. Gerardi counsels 8th graders on mentoring incoming students.

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Mr. Morris highlights the Concert Chorus' traditions to this new group of students, especially our local, regional and international touring plus living with host families.

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Juan Oquendo and Roberto Santana listen intently to Mr. Morris' remarks.

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New students at the entrance to our Hogwart Center (English classroom)

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Mr. Mohammed briefs students about the challenges of mathematics


Ms. Natal's science students use remote "clicker" tools to identify various biological structures.

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Science student using remote "clicker" to identify biological structures

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Social Studies students conferring


Returning students get some pointers from Mr. Binger in the school's Tech Hub.


Students review their keyboard skills with graduate Michael Williams


A winner at chess during lunch