NBCS Begins Its 49th Season

22 New Students Enter NBCS this Fall

September 3, 2018.  Beginning early last Spring our school administrator, Brenda McLeod, began recruiting students to join our celebrated school and chorus.  Concerts and talk-backs were hosted at local public and charter elementary schools; fliers were distributed at local camps and recreation centers and visits were hosted on site for potential students and their families. "It was an exhausting but rewarding process,"  cited McLeod.  "I really enjoyed meeting all the families and sharing with them the advantages of attending NBCS.  In addition to being a top-notch academic school and having an extensive choral touring program with a South American Tour scheduled for the Spring of 2019 we are the only free independent school in the Greater Newark Area,"  concluded McLeod.

One of our new students, fiftth grader, Daniel Tapia, accompanied by his Mom, Lisette and grandfather, Benedicto Tapia, was so excited about starting at NBCS he arrived a day early with his family in tow ready to attend his first class.  With his backpack filled with notebooks and various pens and pencils, Daniel was ready, "I'm so excited about school at NBCS."  Last year Daniel attended the Roberto Clemente elementary school.  "This will be a new challenge for me," he concluded.